What is The Musicals Way?

The Musicals Way is a one-of-a-kind syndicated radio show all about musical theatre. It features the best blend of the music you love and upbeat, interesting chat. Currently, the show is broadcast on over 40 radio stations around the world, including in England, Scotland, Gurnsey, Australia, Spain, and America.

To find an archive of our previous episodes, just click 'Listen on Mixcloud' below. Or, to find out when the show is being broadcast on a radio station near you, click on 'Find a Station'.

The Theatre Bar Quiz

Forget the pub quiz, you'll hear the Theatre Bar Quiz on The Musicals Way! It's five theatre-themed quiz questions to test your knowledge of musicals and shows.

Musical Soundtracks

At the heart of any musicals themed radio show, if of course the musical soundtracks! The Musicals Way features music from up to 40 different musicals in every episode, but our producers have hundreds to choose from - so you'll never get bored of hearing the same tracks! We usually aim to find songs that put a smile on your face and get you feeling good!

Musical Theatre News

Every week, Oli updates you on the top musical theatre headlines from the week. Whether it's a cast change, a new show opening, new laws for performers or something completely different, you'll always be fully informed and up to date!

The Amateur Theatre Calendar

Amateur theatre is an important part of musical theatre around the world. The Amateur Theatre Calendar is an opportunity for amateur theatre groups from around the world to share the details of their upcoming amateur production. To advertise your next amateur show, email the details to studio@themusicalsway.co.uk. If you want to promote your show yourself, email us a voice memo with the details instead!

The Triple Tracker

At the end of the first hour of The Musicals Way, you'll hear the Triple Tracker! This is where we play three songs from one musical, and you have the chance to choose which musical!

The Showtune Showdown

There are loads of great show-tunes, but which ones are the best? In the Showtune Showdown, we put two great songs from musicals head-to-head for you to choose which is your favourite.

Meet the team

Oli Hackett

Award-Winning Presenter and Producer







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So, if you’re interested in spreading your business message using an unbeaten advertising platform, get in touch today! Simply email sales@themusicalsway.co.uk and our team will be happy to help!